Last round of your moodboards | Piet Hein Eek for Histor challenge

A last round of moodboards! you can still join till October 15 to make a change to win a Piet Hein Eek cupboard at the Histor website. Thanks so much to you who shared their moodboards with me and good luck! 

The first moodboard is made by Silvana She called her concept ‘Faded’ 
Inspiration: the faded and weathered wooden pieces Piet Hein Eek uses & Dip Dye. She would love to paint a cupboard with this technique.

Stephanie would like to see ‘her’ Piet Hein Eek cupboard in the kids room at home. Inspired by the J.Levau blog she made this children orientated moodboard in natural colors and a touch of black.

Totally different but coming close to my own moodbord is the moodboard by Celine of FrenchyFancy a French blogger who images her cupboard in black and white finished with golden details. A graphic, graceful and feminine universe !

Bieb… sent in this one and I just love it! Here theme is Grey… because she loves grace she writes. Her colors: Cyber, tin and white

From house to home, one cupboard at a time. A cupboard to store your things or to expose your life. Painted in white, cyber and tin Is what Antine emailed me. I Love the combination with these greys and white.

A moodboard by Suzanne The pink color represents warmth in your home she says. With opposite the fresh and cool gray / white Enriched by brass accents and green glass it will become a beautiful piece of art in my home
Wit, Allerliefst en Damp.

Many more beautiful blogposts were made on the last night… 
Laurence of La maison Pernoise made this post at her blog where you can see her ideas for the cupboard. 
Lonneke’s well designed moodboard can be found here: Lonneke

Mia’s post , thanks for the work you put into it!  The designpill I coundn’t resist not adding her moodboard.