May 22, 2014

Snapshots from my home

For the blogtalk in Dutch vtwonen magazine a few months ago I made lots of pictures at home. I was going through them last night and thought these ones were to cute not to show. I loved the sunlight peeking through some branches, on the first picture and actually made lots of them to make a movie with them all together... but as happened before I lost them in the mass of pictures circulating between camera, iPad, laptop and dropbox.

 Lately I started to make less and more 'selected' pictures I noticed, and with the little time I sometimes have for a post, I like to have not to many choices. So hopefully loosing pictures will be something from the past very soon. 

(C) vosgesparis


Albertine Grolmusova said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures and home of course. I love your black and white combination, black walls look so perfect :)
Have a lovely day!

House of Seasons said...

YES! Saw it, read it, loved it!
Very inspiring!!!!
liefs from holland