July 10, 2014

GIVEAWAY | Design your own wrap bracelet with WFTH

Today I have a super sweet giveaway for you in collaboration with WFTH.
WFTH stands for 'words from the heart' and is a concept of young Dutch designer Anne Varekamp who graduated from the Art Academy in Groningen in 2010. She designed a line of wrap bracelets from waste material with a text burned in. I personally am a big fan of these leather wrap bracelets because of their basic and tough look. 

WFTH believe in the power of words, a beautiful quote or a personal note to someone special or just some words you love to wear with you. Adding your own words to the bracelets make them unique and perfect for a nice and personal gift for yourself or someone else. 

WFTH Giveaway
Do you like them as much as I do and are you ready to design your own! Just follow the steps below and leave a comment under this post letting us know what words from the heart you would love to wear or give away to someone you love. Each WFTH-bracelet comes in a beautifully designed wooden gift box

Wanna join this giveaway...
1: Choose a colour from the bracelets shown on the picture above |colours from top to bottom: brown, nude, nougat, black, ocean, denim, grey|

2: If you want to win a custom made bracelet, choose a text of maximum 200 characters -including spaces-.

Or choose a wrap bracelet with one of the standard texts from here: WFTH bracelets Have a look at the so called Men's bracelets as well!

Want to know my favourite one? definitely this one"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

3: Leave a comment under this post letting us know what words from the heart you would love to wear or give away to someone you like. 

Congratulations Margit K. You have won a bracelet with your own text. 
Please contact me with your details.


Hannie said...

Super leuk ik ga voor de Nude Ik vind de tekst: if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change' wel bij mij passen. Groetjes Hannie

Stina Berg said...

I would love to win this gorgeous bracelet! I lost my daughter Meja in 2012 and have since then been looking for a jewellery that I can have these words on: "Meja - alltid i mitt hjärta". Its swedish and means "Meja - always in my heart". I think it would be perfect in the colour grey.

Thanx for a great blog!

/ Stina

Anonymous said...


I would love to wear a bracelet with these words:
"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got"

Karin / Berlin

Dorthe Kastberg said...

Denim with the text:
There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy

laura Madalene said...

I love everything about this home; decor, layout, modern aspect and especially that large opening to the beautiful back yard. Amazing!

louly said...

They already have one with the words I was thinking about. Dance as if nobody is watching, love as if you've never been hurt... Etc.

Margit K. said...

How wonderful idea!
I'd choose one in brown with: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” from Albus Dumbledore - I just love that quote!

Greetings from Estonia

Magda lena said...

The bracelets are beautiful :)
I like nougat or grey colour and I really like the text from the bracelets above:
"Dance as though nobody is watching, love as though you've never been hurt. Sing as though nobody is listening, live as though it's heaven on earth"
It's very positive!
Greetings :)

Rosanne said...

I've fallen in love with the ocean coloured bracelet! The following text would be my favourite; Happiness is a journey, not a destination


wendy | beeldSTEIL said...

Hi Desiree, great giveaway! I would love the quote: 'It's not what you look at, it's what you see' on black :)

iris said...

...because I found out that's the truth: I'M IN LOVE WITH CITIES I'VE NEVER BEEN TO AND PEOPLE I'VE NEVER MET.
wearing those words around my wrist would give me force and strength.
I love the natural brown colour because it will develope and change with time...

Jane said...

I would love the grey bracelet with the words
My Heart Walks Outside My Body
to give to my daughter who is leaving home to go to university soon

Seawashed Kerrie said...

This is simple, earthy and just what I like. I would choose grey with my own words...
"to rest my soul in the quiet of the sea."

And if I do not win, I will need to purchase one. xx

Sarah Coenen said...

I would love the ocean colored bracelet and have it read,

“True restoration takes patience, subtlety, skill, and grace.”

Thank you so much for the chance. These bracelets are magnificent!

Victoire said...

Lovely idea! I would go for black and something from Dr. Seuss: Oh the places you will go.

Labellelapin said...

I would love a grey bracelet with the words "Do something wonderful, people may imitate it" - it would serve as a reminder to myself as well as to anyone who reads it! Thank you

Laura Groenendal said...

Oooh, deze zijn echt heel leuk! Als ik m niet win ga ik er zeker eentje kopen.
Ik vind de grijze erg mooi en dan met de tekst:

' it's impossible said pride, it's risky, said experience.
It's pointless, said reason. Give it a try, whispered the HEART.'


Rosanne said...

I've fallen in love with the ocean coloured bracelet <3
My favourite text would be: Happiness is a journey, not a destination

Rosanne, The Netherlands

Izzy Ehrmentraut said...

It would be cool to have a black bracelet with the text: Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. Thanx for this cute giveaway!

moonsinleo said...

I would love to have a denim bracelet say: You always liked the B sides best. It's a throwback to the time of two sided record disks. The A side was always the hit song and the B side not so much but often they were the better songs.
Lovely giveaway. Thanks so much.

Anchelina said...

I would love to win the nougat coloured one. And my tekst would be in memory of my son Finn.
Finn our irish Giant, love forever!

Fräulein F. said...

Wohoo! This is an amazing brand.
I would love to win one!
If so, following aspects would be great:
1. color: nougat
2. text: wild at heart

Trine H said...

For myself it would be (in nougat) with the text from Beyonce's song "Flawless": I woke up like this!... Flawless.

To get a little girlpower everytime I would look at it :)

But I'm pretty crazy about these and don't think I could stick to just one :) My husband is quite fond of bracelets as well so he should probably have one too ;)

Anica Lancuski said...

Hello !
what a beautiful giveaway ! And designing out of waste is such a noble and thoughtful idea I appreciate very much !
If I have to choose a colour, it would be nude with: "the goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will" written on it.
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea and give away!

I would love to win the denim coloured one, with the following text: it's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not

Love, Celine

Eveline said...

Wat een leuke actie!
Ik schrijf in voor Ocean met de tekst "an essential aspect op life is not to be afraid to fail"

Tiia / Black + White = Grey said...

I would love to win that brown bracelet! My text: Let your dreams always fly high.

Nuppu Home said...

Oi how lovely. This is what I have said to my children & also I try to follow:
"Always Trust Yourself"
Gray colour.
Riitta from Nuppu Home blog (Finland)

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway!
I would love to win one
- especially nougat with text: "...And keep your hand wide open Let the sun shine through 'Cause you can never lose a thing If it belongs to you"


Anonymous said...

This is a really lovely giveaway. If I win i would like the colour nude with the text: "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in". It is a quote from a Leonard Cohen-song.

Many greetings from Line

cafeined said...

the WFTH that I would most love to wear //in nougat// would be these, from eckhart tolle: "whatever the present moment contains, embrace it as if you have chosen it yourself." what a profound & beautiful way to carry with me an essential reminder to practice non-resistance in every instance that arises. :))

Imke said...

Oeh, die grijze is echt prachtig! (Al zijn ze natuurlijk allemaal mooi...) ik zit aan het einde van mn revalidatie en aan het begin bedacht ik me dat ik wil zijn als een tuin, je moet er aan werken, snoeien ed maar dan krijg je ook wat moois. Voor mij klopt dit nog steeds helemaal en mezelf hier steeds aan herinneren door zo'n mooie armband, ja, dat wil ik wel. Dus dat wordt dan 'be a garden'.

janneke Rood said...

Deze vind ik prachtig! "Dance as though nobody is watching, love as though you've never been hurt. Sing as though nobody is listening, live as though it's heaven on earth." Helpt me er aan the herinneren meer the genieten van het leven, en niet alleen maar door the gaan!

Sandra Ehrens said...

I love the grey one with the text: Someone asked me if I miss you. I just closed my eyes and walked away. And whisper: so much...

For my daddy who I miss every single day.

Anonymous said...

I like the "Dance" -text You have Chosen in the pictures, in Color nude...
Tanja from Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Anonymous said...

Who is the lucky new owner of this bracelet? I'm waiting with curiosity on the results of this giveaway :)