July 14, 2014

Mobilia Amsterdam | Design & concrete

Mobilia Living, located at Utrechtsestraat in the center of Amsterdam, recently renovated their three-storey building, and I simply love the new and fresh look. Floors are styled with affordable design and beautiful classics, from furniture and lighting to accessories by famous designers to emerging talent.

I even found some recognisable walls, well almost...
Just like at my home the original concrete wall is left bare with a 'dyed' framework. Definitely worth visiting when planning your next trip to Amsterdam. More pictures can be found at my Amsterdam city guide Amsterdam Next

pictures (c) by vosgesparis.com | amsterdamnext.com


Lia Siouti said...

i love the wall

Berenice Big said...

Beautiful post !
this small light in a box, i'm found of it, since many years !!!
thanks !
VĂ©ronique http://berenicebig.blogspot.fr/

Agata Seredyn said...

wowoow this is a huge change! When I was there last time, the upstairs space wasn't looking any good, kind of totally lost, nice their take care so well of it.