A white home in the Provence | fashion designer John Rocha’s oase

Let me explain some more about where I found that amazing white patio, which now has become the main inspiration for my new outdoors master plan | Can I just call it like that again, like I did some years ago here: The Masterplan | 😉

It is part of the garden of the home of fashion designer John Rocha in the South of France in the Provence. An amazing white villa with huge open doors that bring you right into the garden, I guess they live outside all summer!

I love the combination of whites and bamboo, and the fire pot. Something I definitely would love all three at my own patio…. Maybe I am thinking to big, ‘Dream big dreams’ is a quote Obama wrote on a girls notebook when meeting a Dutch school class. I love that quote, recently used it in a presentation, and I love to dream big dreams. After all every change in our homes start with some inspiration… an idea … a dream 🙂

So right now I am off to find fences and some beautiful tiles, preferably of concrete and matching my vtwonen floor inside. If you have any suggestions for me I love to hear them!  Next week more garden inspiration…. 

pictures by Richard Powers via Snoop  with thanks