A new Blogtour & A new candle by Skandinavisk

You might have noticed the small advertisement  banner in the sidebar of the blog, that shows the candle ‘Design Blogger United‘ made in cooperation with Skandinavisk… I felt pretty proud when opening the box the other week and smelling the beautiful notes of baltic amber, exotic jasmine, mandarin and vanilla. I am so happy with the black glass, and the design really fits my home don’t you think.  

KOTO ‘Home in Finnish’ as we called it, is a large candle with four wicks and burns 75 hours. It is poured into a hand-blown glass container with a minimalistic Scandinavian design, just like we love it! If you would like this large candle for your home, you can get the candle HERE.

If you are curious to see the candle, we will bring some to our party and the special dinner that we organised, while we are on Blogtour in Amsterdam! 

See you there!