Bloggercafe, Speed styling | Woonbeurs 2014 |

Just prior to a busy Blogtour I visited this years Woonbeurs to meet up with my fellow Dutch Interior design and Lifestyle bloggers. We spent a day at a special blogger table in the Design City area at the Woonbeurs.  It was quite hard to really get a blogpost life when meeting up after a long time though. As these are the moments we have a chat, make plans and catch up with each others daily lives!

We also did some speed styling in a photo boot near the press room with a few objects we collected at the fair ground. Together with Wendy of Beeldsteil I made a little black and white setting using some miniatures like the chairs and car and the oversized bird. 

with thanks to: vtwonenBasiclabelOgreen Plants and 101 Woonideeën. 
styling by me & Wendy
photography | Wendy van Woudenberg