October 9, 2014

Woonbeurs 2014 & vtwonen ♥ blogs | Blogtour Amsterdam

After spending a whole day on wednesday at the woonbeurs last week, the next day it was time for our Amsterdam Blogtour. Together with the other members of 'Design Bloggers United' we spent a day in town, more on that later! On Friday I was back at the Woonbeurs with the team on invitation of vtwonen  who invited the bloggers who collaborated with them on the special Blogger magazine in cooperation with 'Meet the blogger' called 'vtwonen ♥ blogs'.  

It has become a beautiful magazine, filled with the homes of 18 bloggers and I am happy to be one of them. Next to my own home and the pictures I made in Amsterdam, also 
our 'Design Bloggers United' team is in it as a group talking about our Blogtours. 
After coffee and cake we got a little tour through the vtwonen home of this year by Editor in chief, Carlein Kieboom. vtwonen is celebrating their 50th anniversary and has become one of the most important Interior magazines in the Netherlands. Congratulations! Here is a small impression.

 Pictures © Vosgesparis  |  items from the vtwonen home at the webshop

A big thank you to our Blogtour sponsors: Pistache | Lady Grey Catering | Uber | BOS | 
Libratone | IAmsterdam | Bluespoon restaurant

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Mary Stark said...

Great ideas for dining table lamps!!! I'm looking for something full of design and unique, I confess I'm already had looking at Delightfull's collection and I think I'm in love, it is so that lighting design.
Loved your blog, I'll be around :)

Anonymous said...

You know were this ceramic comes from?

Fête des Gamins said...

Prachtige foto's... wat fijn allemaal; dat zou ook nog eens wat zijn in België!

vosgesparis said...

Hi Leo
If you mean the ceramic tiles on the wall... they are from the new vtwonen tiles collection.

elisabetta @italianbark said...

I've visited Woonbeurs last year but this year I didn't have the chance to come, thanks for sharing pictures...last year I've loved it

Cianneh Baysah said...

Very beautiful