An Industrial Deli and Take Away | at ‘the Leidingstraat’

It seems everything at Strijp-S in the city of Eindhoven, the same area where I was for Dutch Design week last month… is just to good to be true! I guess you remember the industrial loft of Renee Arns, which I covered on the blog. If not please have a look and fall in love! | An amazing industrial loft in the Netherlands | or maybe the loft of one of her neighbours Jason | StrijpS once more |

So both lofts are amazing spaces with kitchens that rock my world… and the good thing is that the first floor of the building host some pretty amazing spaces too! One of them is ‘Onder de Leiding straat‘ a mini organic supermarket, take-away and restaurant where you can enjoy an affordable, fresh and healthy, meal. Have a filled sandwich, a homemade soup, a fresh salads, Italian pastas or just a cup of coffee! Everything is to take home or eat in. The raw and industrial look of the place is an extra plus! 

 photography ©Renee Arns