Seven pieces | Nelson Sepulveda X Couleur Locale

Are you in for some more table ideas? In my previous post I showed some raw and rustic table settings with lots of dark wood, linen and white plates. Perfect to get in the mood for Autumn… can you believe I went out to shop ingredients for a big bowl of pumpkin soup yesterday to hold on to that feeling! 

I believe every food needs it’s own matching tableware to get the best out of it, maybe it is me, but despite having dinner from basic white plates most of the time, I love to eat my pumpkin soup from a beautiful black bowl! As a matter of fact I secretly am a bit of a collector of black tableware… but I do not come across those perfect pieces a lot and only have a few, this black tajini being a favourite and I do have some South American black pottery as well.

My latest treasures are some of the black ceramic pieces from the series called ‘Seven pieces’ by Nelson Sepulveda and hand made in Tunisia … I had my eyes on them for years and since last year, if I remember well,  they are back in production. I love to use them on a daily base but as they are to beautiful to hide away I also love to put them on display… which made me realise I need some more storage for the kitchen!

So this weekend I played around with some ideas, from hanging white boxes on the wall to creating still life’s in black boxes on the table. Would you like some of the ‘seven pieces’ collection by Nelson Sepulveda for your home as well, you can start your own collection with even one! small cup, as all pieces are sold separately by Couleur Locale

How do you show your favourite (black ceramic) pieces I would love to see your pictures and get some more ideas!

With thanks to Cubit | white modular shelving system & Piet Boon | Black stuff boxes 

 pictures ©Vosgesparis