January 1, 2015

A huge 2015 clipboard | Time to turn this place upside down

Welcome on the other side.. 2015! A full year ahead of us... did you made some new years resolutions yet? For Christmas I re-used last years side table made from plywood and metal trestles. I painted the plywood black and added both sleets against the wall functioning as a temporary black wall and background for Christmas lights, pictures, candles and a small tree.

When looking at the big white box the Love Warriors calander came in just before Christmas *thank you girls* I knew I wanted to use it the coming year as it perfectly fits the colours of my home and every month comes with a different photo-art print, Love Warriors are known for.

Loving to re-use things at home, I made a huge clipboard with one of the plywood sleets which I will hang on my kitchen wall. January first is not really the best day for drilling holes in the concrete wall is it! It will be perfect to add pictures, notes and write some rock & roll quotes and sweet messages on. May 2015 rocks your sock off!  

pictures ©Vosgesparis


Pella said...

Beautiful Desiree! HAPPY NEW 2015! <3 Hugs

Francine Gardner said...

Happy Nrw year! looking forward to see your ideas for 2015

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Fantastic clip board....I think I'll do this too. Easy and very practical.

Calendars???? Have a look at my Street Art calendar on my blog......they're fab.....and will certainly "rock your socks off!"

Have also just published an e-Book of Paris Rendez-Vous for your i-Pad. Who knows....you just may be interested.

Looking forward to all your wonderful blogs in 2015. You're the BEST!



Anonymous said...

Leuk idee! Weer eens wat anders dan een pronkrek in de kamer : )