An industrial home with authentic details in Kempten Bavaria

When Petra Reger, a photographer form Germany emailed me with the question if I wanted to share her home located in Germany’s oldest city Kempten in Bavaria on my blog, I didn’t had to think for long as I fell straight in love with the kitchen pictures sent along.

I get a lot of questions myself about the walls in my home and how I got them to look like they look, if it’s real concrete or not…. I kind of had the same question about the walls in Petra’s home which I think are looking really special!
I asked her to tell me something more about them and the home she and her family have been living in for the last eight years.

Just like in my own home, during renovations they ripped down old wall paper and found the original plaster wall underneath, and they left some without touching them in their kitchen and living room. The floor is original and nearly 100 years old, sanded and treated with an oil varnish on top.
Petra: “I am drawn to monochrome interior, I tried color in previous homes, but always come back to neutrals. My life is busy with three kids and work, so in this palette I feel I can calm down when home. My son loves bright orange on the other hand.”

You have some really interesting pieces of furniture and I love the big hall, where do you buy your furniture and can we say you love Industrial lamps?

Petra: “I found the ladder on a flea market and the cinema bench I bought over eBay from someone in Berlin. Yes, I love industrial lamps, I found mine in an antique store in Munich called Thilo Scholze and the lamps in my hall way at Manufactum. Many other pieces ar brought with us from Alberta Canada, where we lived for eight years. I loved visiting the antique stores in Nanton

Photography Petra Reger