Puik Art | Dutch designers collective & Nieuwe Heren

Puik Art in a creative collective helping young designers launch their creations, and developing products for both their own label as for other companies. You might have seen the iconic Barrel Lamp, one of my favourite pieces by Tim Smit of Nieuwe Heren. Inspired by WWII searchlights. This is something that totally fits me, crafted from sturdy materials, wood, steel and concrete, revolvable around two axes.

Cleaning out my Pinterest albums… I believe I have way to many! I came across the baby version which I photographed some years ago, so nothing new but just something I really love and deserves a spot on the blog. Look here for many more inspiring Dutch Design: Elle Festival and how do you like the black version , here photographed for vtwonen

The picture below I made this last summer when photographing for my blog and city guide Amsterdam Next where I potted the cute little factory in a shop I visited. It’s called Green Industry and part of a series of vases referring to our polluting power suppliers. This one however will be overgrown by your favourite herbs when adding soil and seeds under it, design by Tim Smit.

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