February 13, 2015

Black and White ceramic by Fjor

Through a picture on Facebook by my friend Laurence of the wonderful 'La maison Pernoise' I came across the work of Anna Becker, a young designer based in Germany who launched her own label Fjor in 2013.

Inspired by a visit to Iceland she started to design and paint black patterns on white bowls and developed around 50 pieces, what resulted in a collection of six bowls with six different patterns. The cups can be used alone or stacked on each other making them, as Anna says, objects to play with. Get yours here chez Lau! 

Available at La Maison Pernoise | Pictures via Anna Becker


Lau de CASALIL said...

Falling in love at 1st glance... that's THE meaning of this story ;-)) Thanks Dees for such an uplight on her work!!

Alexa~FurnishMyWay said...

I love this pottery so much! There's just something so delightful looking when it comes to black and white pottery. I think maybe it's the fun graphic that makes me like these bowls so much! Whatever it maybe, these bowls are simply lovely. Thanks for sharing these stunning images of these fantastic pieces of pottery!

Nina said...

Wow, I like these bowls! :) Makes me wanna paint also!