Styling at Folklore | London

Folklore is a London based home and lifestyle store where you can find a selection of functional design for your home, products are selected on integrity, simplicity and craftsmanship. When they first opened in 2012, I wrote a small blogpost about the store and as always it is great to actually visit a store I wrote about. 

The small store was like I expected filled with beautiful wanna haves. I always love to find unique pieces in stores like this, and one of my favourites was the Simple porcelain range, I especially loved the black clay bowls and cups, we used a small espresso cup in the picture above.

We did a few quick styling sets, and with the store being really small we used a table in the storefront where the light was at it’s best. Working in a small space with limited time, we were less then an hour in the store, we thought it was best to choose a few themes that we quickly styled with Folklore products. From above an office theme, kitchen, bathroom and living. Which one is your favourite? 

photography © 1-4 Susanna Vento | 5-6 Folklore | 7 Vosgesparis | Styling Design Bloggers United  Visited during Blogtour London #BloggerstourLDN Folklore, 193 Upper Street, Islington, London

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