A warm touch to a black & white room with a feltballrug

I got myself something new for the bedroom…It is black and the softest little rug ever! This beautiful rug is handmade by female artisans from Kathmandu, Nepal for Felt ball rug. I first spotted the rugs at the library near my home, where a really large and colourful rug makes a cozy play and reading corner for the smallest children.

Each woman making these rugs is able to work from home, which allows her the convenience and flexibility to take care of her children and her household. Being a mom myself and always have being able to work from home or during school hours only I love these projects. 

I think it is a great way of giving woman flexibility as well as a high salary, which is about 2-3 times the average pay in the area. As a result, these women are able to live comfortably and send their children to school, something which for many of us is really normal.

I personally also really like the rugs with the different patterns, try making yours and preview it online, they come with a special price! And in case you wonder… my rug is made out of 2000 felt balls! Have a look also at the cute video where you see how they are made!

“We have set up two workshops in different areas of Kathmandu. The women we hire live within walking distance from the workshops, and much of their work is done from home. About half of the women make the felt balls and the other half handles the rug making. Others handle supervision and training. They regularly visit the hubs to collect wool to make the balls, or to collect the rugs. When a craftswoman has finished her process of making rugs or balls, she brings them back to the workshop”

“While most of the people we hire haven’t personally completed a formal education, they have received on the job training from us. Many tell us that their position gives them a sense of pride. Of course, making the balls and the rugs is a lot of work, but our artisans are able to enjoy working together in small groups of their friends and family.”

You will be able to see the name of the woman who made your rug right on the label. Feel free to click her name below to send her an email. When you thank your artisan for your personally crafted rug, it will surely make her day!

pictures ©Vosgesparis