OrriFinn | Tools a performance

Saturday morning in Reykjavik, I plannend to visit some of the black beaches together with some other bloggers and journalists, but during the night the weather became that bad, that in the morning everyone was advised to not go outside… so we stayed in the hotel, I had a long breakfast and plannend in some blogposts. In the afternoon the wind was gone, we went for some lunch and shopping and met up with the rest of the group at the opening of ‘Tools’ by OrriFinn, an exhibition at their workshop.

While tools are normally used for certain goals, the ORRI FINN designers made a collection of jewellery pieces that are replica of chosen tools  some that relate to certain professions, others that are necessary in our everyday lives. I photographed the workshop where their pieces were on display but also beautiful captured on photo. At the same time the collection and a large skull was presented at Mýrin

pictures 1-3 via OrriFinn | 4-8 ©Vosgesapris

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