Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2015 | Cocktail dresses & white sneakers

In my first blogpost about Iceland and my my visit to DesignMarch 2015 |read it here if you missed it| I talked about on how Sari and Birta organised things for us and I really loved all the effort they took in personalising the tour for all journalists from different countries. It is so much easier if people who know the country and it’s design point out the best places for you. So A big thank you to them!

Travelling to Iceland made me think on what to wear, I had no idea where we would go and if we would visit some fancy shows. I do not buy that many clothes but love to shop for certain occasions. And a festival like DesignMarch looked like the perfect excuse. Some would shop for cocktail dresses like these at Shopbop when meeting the president of Iceland, yes really, we went to his ‘home’ for a meet and greet! 

Not knowing what to expect 
temperature wise and how much walk would be involved in these 5 days, I brought a big warm wintercoat and my black winter boots, but never got to wear them after trying out my new warm and white sneakers on day1, apparently one of the hottest new fashion statements here at the moment, according to the fashion edition of a Dutch newspaper a friend gave me after spotting them on my feet … anyway I thought they were nice and warm and perfectly fit the scandinavian style I love. 

Metallic Fabrics
I was curious to see what the Icelandic designers would bring on the runway and I loved to be able to visit some of their exhibitions in town and see some of the brand stores. Six Icelandic fashion brands presented their AW15 collection at Harpa for Reykjavik Fashion Festival: Sigga Maija, Another creation, jor, Scintilla, Magnea and Eyland.

After seeing a catalog in a store across their own brand store, I fell in love with Eyland. The main inspiration for this brand is the Tomboy and for the AW15 collection there’s a little flirt with the 70s glam rock, both things I really love.

backstage at the Eyland fashion show 

What I also really loved is that more or less all creative people I met showed a sense of toughness and I experienced their strong and proud connection with their country and nature, next to a sense of isolation and because of that not having the possibilities to grow as fast as other brands.

Pictures from the Eyland catalogus are now dominating my bedroom wall, I evenbrought the shiny disco ball back in! I just love a bit of drama! This season’s trends are a celebration of the timeless appeal of bling. From understated accent pieces to super-shiny ensembles, metallic fabrics dominated 2015’s presentations from respected fashion houses including Gucci and Christopher Kane. 

Jör stands for “menswear inspired gothic androgyny” with graphically tailored garments & gothic lines the brand like to blur the line between genders. The col­lec­tion shown at this years festival is called Dreizehn, designer Guðmundur Jörunds­son is born on Friday the 13th and incorporated the number in his new collection. The collection includes a lot of punk rock and new wave, splashy prints, gothy over­coats and a uni­sex ap­peal.” 

Modern Pastels
While the previous collections were more dark, shiny and graphic, Scintilla is the opposite Don’t think of brightly coloured plastic Easter eggs or those avocado-hued appliances that dominated the ancient 1960s, the modern pastel is ethereally soft and ultra-feminine, look here for more inspiration.

Eyland pictures by Íris Dogg Einarsdóttir | other pictures by Jör | Picture wall by me 

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