Shopping online for new pillows | Spring solutions

Like I mentioned before, the Icelandic Natura hotel was a real treat and inspired me to set myself a new goal for Spring: shop for new bed linen, pillows and maybe even a new bed! It was time to put those words into action and I decided to start by buying some new bed pillows.

I love lazy mornings and on Sundays I always take the opportunity to stay in bed a bit longer and do some work on the laptop.
I prefer white bedlinen, I tried to put back my dark grey duvet covers this winter, but quickly changed back to white, and I love an extra blanket and different cushions… but after using them for some time now, they have become a bit old and
I thought why not try to order some new cushions online.

Ordering online is something I don’t do very often but I thought I should give it a go and had a look at the different options at The whole process was quite easy to be honest. There are 5 filters to help to find your favourite type of pillow, like brand or material.

I simply started by searching for a synthetic pillow as they are my favourite. From there I filtered by size, type of sleeper and softness…. I went for a medium/firm pillow (Cinderella New Classic medium/firm hoofdkussen) which turned out to be great for lazy Sunday mornings as well, as they’re firm enough to stand up straight, offering plenty of back support. I think the best part of this experience was being able to save time and money by not have to go in to town or to our Swedish friend.

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