TIIPOI and The super normal

While in London I visited Tiipoi, a London based lifestyle brand founded 2 years ago by Spandana Gopal. The brand believes in a common sense attitude to consumption; an all encompassing design ethos of the Indian subcontinent – where nothing is wasted and where innovation and improvisation come from the lack of something rather than an excess of it. 

Through Tiipoi, Spandana wants to engage a wider audience with concepts of good materials and astute ergonomics as part of daily life – something she feels has always existed in India, but has somehow been overlooked. “Rather than say, I am creating contemporary Indian design, which I may or may not be doing, I am going back and looking at where Indian design already exists in the everyday. To me, good design is invisible to the eye – it’s taken for granted because it’s so effective”.

The Super normal
Before our visit we were asked to sent in a picture of something super normal, an object we use in our daily life and really love, I sent in the bottle with a piece of black charcoal, a simple and beautiful object. Tiipoi printed out our pictures and placed them on the wall where their design was on display.

The idea was based on the 2006 Tokyo exhibition of Super Normal objects, curated by Jasper
Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa. 
They brought together
designs which, in a contemporary context, have become somewhat
invisible or ‘atmospheric’; possessing intuitive qualities these objects
have unconsciously evolved to be at the centre of our daily lives.

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