Shopping downtown Reykjavik | DesignMarch 2015

Between exhibitions and openings there was some time to discover some of Reykjaviks best fashion and concept stores downtown. I found the Eyland flagshipstore, after seeing a catalog at Suit. In case you did not read my former Iceland post |Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2015 | Cocktail dresses & white sneakers| the main inspiration for Eyland is the Tomboy and for the AW15 collection there’s a little flirt with the 70s glam rock.

I thought the store really rocked with the overal white painted interior and little white details. How do you like those cute little suitcases functioning as storage and the white painted disco ball! in combination with beautiful black leather jackets, trousers and funny t shirts and accessories! I made some pictures with my Iphone at Eyland, and the picture above is made at the Eyland show during RFF, the picture below is from the catalog. // this shop is now closed

Shopping in Reykjavik is really different and many times I was surprised by the view on the beautiful mountains covered in snow in combination with the sea. Iceland really stole my heart and I regret I didn’t stay longer to see some more of this beautiful country…. I want to go back and discover the black beaches, the horses and all wonders of nature Iceland has to offer. 

Shopping is also one of the best things to do when it is cold outside, you pop into a store just a but faster to escape from the cold and discover all kind of cool places. Kiosk, is a co-op shop owned by 9 different designers, we met some of the designers as they all take shifts behind the counter. The sweater above is made by Milla Snorrason, more Icelandic designers at the Kiosk blog and website.

I also loved the interior of SUIT, this department store of the Danish fashion brand is selling both mens and woman clothing. The store is designed by Icelandic designers Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir of HAF Studio. I especially liked the use of the different materials, the concrete – tiles corner is really nice and I love the sturdy black staircases.

My Conceptstore

Seeing  a shop called my My Conceptstore of course made me curious to see the Icelandic twist to the definition of a conceptstore, I loved the dark and moody atmosphere, the music coming out of the Crosley and Marshall speakers (more about those in tomorrows post) and the dark furniture the owners found in Belgium and other countries. I bought myself a silver skull as a souvenir that perfectly fits the styled corners at my home.

pictures 1-2 via Eyland | 3-10 ©vosgesparis | 11 via Kiosk | 12-17 via Suit 18-22 ©vosgesparis

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