Vinyl records and modern record players | Let’s talk about music

Let’s talk about music… and vinyl! I still got nearly all my vinyl records, maybe even more cd’s and of course music on my phone for on the go! I believe our records tell us who we are and where we stand for, I grew up with Pink Floyd and me and my best friend used to close the curtains and listen to her brothers records in the dark, we thought it was a kind of scary music, but later on I started to really appreciate it… and many more! I was in love with David Bowie, T Rex and the Sweets… but also Lou Reed and Led Zeppelin used to be one of my favourites. I still love Bowie, and many other and newer bands!

Every week we went to the record store to pick up the Top 40 list of best sold records. And when a new record came out we loved, we listened to it in the recordstore. In this special room we sometimes even secretly taped it on our cassette deck, something that sounds probably hilarious to those we grew up with online streamed music. 

But hey! vinyl seems to be back and I recently got myself a new record player to listen to my old records and even got myself some new ones. The Crosley Cruiser Record Player has a cool briefcase design and build in speakers and is as portable as your Iphone.

With the 3 velocities I can even dust off my old singles collection. For an even better sound at home I connect the record player to the Marshall Stanmore speaker, which also has a connection for my Iphone! I bought both at fonQ, a great online store where you can find almost everything you are looking for.

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