Ventura Projects press tour | Milan design week 2015 | Fuorisalone

Lambrata Ventura started in 2009 by two Dutch woman and an Italian who discovered this raw area and thought it was the perfect area to build a whole new design district for Milan design week, in this Ventura projects storybook you can find more about the history and see what happened in the area over the last few years. 

I joined a small press tour by Ventura Projects and Elle decoration, and after showing us the latest developments of contemporary design we visited a few designers in the area and will show some of their work in several posts this last two days of the week. 

Roberto Sironi
I thought the work by Roberto Sironi was really beautiful. ‘Mother Earth’ is a series of objects made from different types of ceramic material, closely linked to the Italian cultural and historical identity.

Mother earth introduces Buccheri Vases, shown in the first picture, Molecular Matter tableware, Madre Pane bread stamps and Cascina pots: sculptural, unfinished, minimal, all objects are an extraordinary tactile experience contrasting smooth and rough textures, from glossy to matt, enhancing the essence of each material chosen with their unique imperfections.

Roberto Sironi says “With Mother Earth I have tried to build a bridge between past and present, with aim of the enhancing the uniqueness and beauty of the historic craftsmanship traditions in Italy.”


A Collection of three vases made with a technique created 8,000 years ago by the Etruscans. Bucchero is a clay that is baked at 900°C in a steel box where a chemical reaction occurs due to a reduction of oxygen and charcoal smoke present in the chamber of the oven. This process gives the vases their typical black colour with silvery shades.

Molecular Matter

The world changes, our taste experience is different and we are always fascinated and feel more inspired by the new scientific discoveries and a greater
understanding of food. Molecular Matter is a tableware collection designed to show the essence of molecular cuisine, enhancing the presentation of shapes, colours and taste. The textured grip, which refers to the structures of the chemical elements, was achieved by the immersion of sheets of wax used in beekeeping inside moulds. 

Madre panne

The bread stamps are one of the historical expressions of pastoral art in the Southern Italy, in particular in the area of Matera where until the first half of the twentieth century people marked the bread before baking it in the communal ovens, so they could be recognised by the owner. The abstract representation of Egg, Mother Hen, Tree and Millstone, refers respectively to the meanings of birth, maternal protection, growth and strength. 

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photography ©Roberto Sironi