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Altar table and Memento chair by WDSTCK

This week it’s my friend Anouk’s birthday, and even though we don’t see each other that often she is there… surprising me time after time with the most beautiful interiors and brand shoots. She is a real hard worker and one of the most impressive creative minds I ever met, I love to meet and drink white wines with her….preferably in Paris naturallemant! Beside her creative work at AnoukB Interiors.

Thinking of what to post this week and coming across a beautiful brand shoot Anouk recently did for Uashmama Benelux I thought of showing some more of her work this week.. Happy Birthday week dear Anouk.

WDSTCK offers a range of multidisciplinary objects that each tell a personal story. The collection is presented at their gallery in Naarden. Objects travel… trough boutiques, art-fairs, conceptstores and museums until it finds a way to its future owner…

On the first picture the Altar table, made out of steel and wood and the Memento chair designed by Jesse Sanderson, both favourites of mine from the WDSTCK collection and beautifully styled and for sale at Brands unxpctd in Haarlem. 

Meet WDSTCK, watch the brand video and slow down….

Memento chair

Imperfect Imperfection
Jesse Sanderson’s work is recognized by its natural forms, uneven textures and subtle shades of color.

With a sturdy oak schoolchair from the 50s as inspiration, Jesse takes us back to his childhood. He recalls how he repeatedly balanced on the hind legs of that exact chair, until he fell down on the floor, distracted by what was going on in the world outside the classroom. I love the look of this chair, the beautiful colours it comes in and the perfect small details on the back. It makes me dream of a large sturdy table and darker chairs in my kitchen and ofcourse one of the memento chairs

pictures 1-2 ©AnoukB |3-5 ©WDSTCK |

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