June 23, 2015

AnoukB Creative studio X Uashmama paperbags

UASHMAMA® Placemats. Available in various colors.
Did you enjoyed yesterday's blogpost about WDSTCK and the beautiful pictures styled by Anouk at her store, have a look here if you missed them! I also mentioned the brand shoot for Uasmama Benelux and I love to show you the result today. The new collection was presented at a press meeting some time ago in Amsterdam, and the concept, styling and photography for the new collection is done by 'AnoukB'. 

Anouks work is all about simple beautiful settings and a great eye for style... you just gotta love her work and these pictures! Contact Anouk for your own project or brand through the contact details at the website: AnoukB Creative Studio 

UASHMAMA® Placemat
UASHMAMA® - washable paper - bag with shoulder strap & zipper
Magazine bag 
XXL Paper bags
Wood bags
Read more about paper bags and the new collection here: Uashmama Benelux
Pictures via Uashmama Benelux | Photography Ester Gebuis | Concept and Styling AnoukB 


Jeanette Renting said...

Hallo Desiree,
mooie blogpost weer.
Ben nieuwsgierig naar de poster in de 6e foto.
Weet je waar die vandaan komt?
Fijne dag verder, Jeanette.

vosgesparis said...

Hi Jeanette
de poster is van WRDS ( http://www.ilovewrds.com/en/ ) een van de merken die bij Brands Unxpctd in Haarlem te koop is,