Rock your walls | Bauwerk Lime paint

Are you inspired yet by the picture above? It’s a portrait of my sweet friend Christine of Mechant Studio. The wall behind the picture is painted with one of the colours out of the Bauwerk lime paint. I am really impressed by this product from Australia, that in the Netherlands you will find exclusively at We are WOW makers

Bauwerk is an Australian brand producing all natural, 100% lime paint (no odours or toxins) for interior and exterior application. The paint works best on all unsealed interior masonry surfaces such as render or brick, but can also be used on plaster, and for previously painted walls there’s a solution as well.  

The Bauwerk website offers a rich palette of colours from different hues of green, blues, soft greys, milky whites… and many more, see the full range at their colour lab and for the real experience be sure to visit Brands unxpctd where your paint is made wile you wait.

Bauwerk Lime paint is available at Brands unxpctd –Gedempte oude gracht 144 – 2011 GX Haarlem (20 minutes from Amsterdam) –

Opening hours Thursday to Saturday 10AM-5PM
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