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Where to start when it comes to one of the most amazing blogtour meetings ever… do you recognise this feeling of being somewhere so beautiful you can’t really describe the experience, nor the feeling and emotion that came with it…. not even a picture can show and tell how happy we were to be invited over at the private residence of José A. Gandía-Blasco to experience his love for outdoor living, the colour white and paella cooked on the grill.

Enjoying Outdoor life is what characterises Gandia Blasco, originally started in 1941 by José Gandía-Blasco and a business partner as a company making blankets and bedspreads. After not being able to find the right furniture for his new build home in Ibiza José A, who joined his fathers company in 1983, asked his architect to design some furniture for him. The result was a series of outdoor furniture with geometric shapes and right angles, just like the architecture of the Ibiza homes in pure white.

It was an honour and a real pleasure being able to share a moment of pure joy together swimming in this amazing pool in the homes courtyard. Lying on the chill beds around the pool under the beautiful ensombra parasol, a brilliant concept when you are looking for the right amount of shadow, and surrounded by old industrial buildings in combination with the striking white and square home of the owners where a great lunch was waiting for us.

Different collections were combined in the courtyard, portable outdoor lamp Esferaschill beds and parasols on the stone floors and an outdoor space at the end of the pool. More flexibel outdoor spaces were placed throughout the courtyard including a Wigwam and the contemporary outdoor winter garden cristal box.

Gandia Blasco showroom
The first time I came across Gandia Blasco was two years ago when I wrote about their rugs collection by GAN: Beautiful naturals | Rugs by GAN in the showroom they were beautiful displayed together with other items of the Gandia Blasco collection. We also had a look around the  older part of the building and learned more about the 75 year old history of the brand, watch the video below for a short impression.

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