Styling with Delica and a rooftop dinner

After two nights in Barcelona, we went to yök Casa + Cultura, where we spent the night and teamed up with Delica. Created in Bera -Navarre in 2005 as a company designing products for contemporary homes Delica won several awards over the last years. We had a wonderful dinner on the rooftop terrace where we were joined by different designers who collaborated with Delica. The food was prepared by Pepi de Boissieu and served on Delica trays. 

Earlier that afternoon I went shopping at Muji for some basic white tableware with Maite of Felices, who together with Pablo coordinated our tour, and Susanna and I styled some Delica trays in the apartment which was real fun.

Sacha is a series of trays made of bakelite to for finger food and small snacks

Ameba is a collection of bases in different sizes and colours, from white to grey and zebrano, available in different sizes they can be used as plate chargers, placemats or coasters.

Delica styling with Albert Font

On my last day in Barcelona, I returned to yök Casa + Cultura with Maite, Pablo and photographer Albert Font where we continued playing around with some of the products in one of the other apartments.

A great afternoon that we finished with some wine tasting at Prakticvinoteca, the hotel I stayed and dinner and drinks downtown, I loved spending my last evening with you guys, thanks for the great tour, fun and laughs!

Delica trays are manufactured of natural wood with various finishes

                                         Instagram pictures (above and below)
photography 1-5 Susanna Vento | 6-8 Albert Font | 9-10 taken with my Iphone

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