LFZ lamps Factory tour | Spanish design

Before our wonderful night in the garden for the ‘bloggers banquet‘, LZF gave us a tour through their showroom and factory, an impressive building where the LZF collection is beautiful presented. Small figures out of the Funnyfarm collection standing next to several wood veneer lamps from small wall lamps like the Hi Collar lamp to spectacular large light structures and portable rechargeable lamps, that would look great on my patio. 

LZF is designing and manufacturing hand-made wood-veneer lamps since 1994 and can be considered as one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies. I really enjoyed the tour and the great stories by Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill, the creative couple behind the brand, and as usual we were busy Instagramming, tweeting and making lots of pictures to remember.

Favourites | Piknik
Although all the lamps were beautiful… this little lamp caught my eye, and you might have seen it already in my Instagram account, it is the result of a competition organised for young designers by the design collective, Surtido and LZF. The white variant is my favourite, as I love the light veneer in combination with the black iron cast base and handle.

Piknikdesigned by design studio Macalula, incorporates a rechargeable battery which lasts up to eight hours, a tubular piece of veneer covering the light source through which light emerges, and a handle at the top. In addition, the lampshade hangs freely allowing it to rock by movement or the breeze creating a candle like effect ….

Favourites | Chou series
Another favourite of mine was beautiful displayed behind the bar and the garden during the Garden party ‘I still can’t believe they organized this especially for usChou is inspired by the film “The World of Susie Wong” and designed by Yonoh studio. Again it is the combination of black steel and white fineer that makes it stand out for me.

In the first picture the ‘Hi Collar’ lamp inspired by the stiff shirt collars worn in the late 19th century, designed by Ray Power for small spaces and to attract the visual attention of customers in hotels and other public spaces. 

pictures courtesy of LZF Lamps

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