Metod X Paola Navone | The details | IKEA Temporary Milan Design week 2015

For this years design week in Milan, IKEA opened a temporary store and invited Paola Navone to interpret the big Italian family style kitchen in her own unique way. During a party at her private home earlier that week Pizza and wine at the home of Paola Navone | I had a look in her own kitchen and dining that perfectly reflects this way of living.

Different kitchen utils hang against the wall, including a big blue fish, shelves with pots and pans, including many from china, all in sight and a huge cabinet with cooking books. In the dining area a large table with different chairs and again an open shelving units showing a ceramic collection and lamps out of natural material.

For Ikea she made a kitchen with metod cabinets, something she was not to happy with at the beginning I heard, but as the pictures shown she gave the rather basic cabinets a twist using different materials and using rare sockets and items that are not always be found in an ordinary kitchen. A bit of humor, mess and drama made it a real Paola kitchen. below you can read more about those special details. The kitchens cement tiles are designed by Paola Navone for bisazza. Find out more about her ideas and details I found out below.

Paola: “I imagine this kitchen like a movie scene where you, as a viewer, feel drawn into the action. It’s an Italian movie, of course – a murder mystery that takes place at a holiday resort along the coast. But no one is interested in solving the crime, as they are too busy cooking, eating, laughing and enjoying themselves”.

Details in the kitchen
Paola added some really nice details to the kitchen to give it her own touch, and I found out more about them…. 

On the countertop plates with a variety in shapes and motifs… and for this kitchen she also insisted on adding some industrial windows. The ‘kitchen wall around the sink is made out of Metod cabinets and the windows were build in creating an outdoor spot for kitchen herbs. the use off old tomato and olive tins give it a real Italian touch.
Although you only use one at a time, Paola Navona will always use plenty of the same objects in her styling. Same for the utils on the wall below, that looks a lot like how she hang them in her own kitchen.

Plain white cabinets are boring, so she added metal plates to cover the backside of them, the concrete sockets are from a hardware store in Milan, beautiful little additions I’d say! She also insisted on having the black washing machine for the area below (Not for sale anymore) 

The black table tops were painted by Paola herself for an imperfect touch, while an abundance of dried fruits and vegetables were shopped at a market in Marrakesh to hang above the table. The Rooster got flown in from London

And like at her own home she placed several industrial cabinets on a row showing piles of kitchenware, in her own home she has her own designed kitchen ware placed in the cabinets. 

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photography ©vosgesparis