Osmothèque laboratory X Labperfum Barcelona

Osmothèque is a unique place devoted to preserving the memory of scents : a place that could inventory and round up existing perfumes and perfumes that would appear in the future, and that could trace certain great perfumes that no longer existed and bring them back to life. I came across the laboratory through a tweet by designboom telling how Osmothèque laboratory brings whatsapp messages into smell!

Digital communication is fast, a whatsapp message can be anything from a simple message to a sentence as ‘I love you’, the laboratory wants us to think of how would ‘I love you’ smell like? At the laboratory, Osmothèque enables you to choose a message of your choice and make your own fragrance with the four olfactive families…. This made me think of a quick visit to the Labperfum I had with Em and Susanna in Barcelona, a cute little laboratory where you can buy ready made perfumes but also mix your own.

Labperfum in Barcelona 

pictures via designboom | last picture by Susanna Vento