July 1, 2015

MY HOME | Playing with colour

Thank you so much for your lovely words about the small changes I made to my workspace this week, see this post if you missed it, I am not ready yet.. I am also experimenting with a bit of colour. Playing around I found these leather handles, I used black ones for a collaboration with Histor and Piet Hein Eek some time ago. Ideas come as you play around and I discovered you can also use the handles to hang a lamp to your wall. Check back on Monday for more colours! 

The lamp is by PuikArt and the white cup with the letter D was sent to me by Design Letters as a Summer present. These design series with a typography hand drawn in 1937 by the world renowned Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen really fit my home... thanks guys ;) 

pictures ©vosgesparis


Martha said...

Love this lamp. I'm a big fan of leather accessories (handles etc.), but have never seen it used with a lamp, what a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

Martha | www.atnumber67.co.uk

Jessica said...

Idk how I would use those leather handles, but I want to. I will find a way they're so cool.

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Kevyn said...

a leather strap to hold up a classic light bulb? brilliant. i love this!