Before and after | new pictures from my home

Over the last few weeks I have been re-organising my studio, I love my magazines and books filled with cards, souvenirs… and lists of beautiful things I still love to share on the blog, but after several trips abroad it was time to get through the piles of magazines and paperwork lying on my table. For my next trip I have a beautiful travelers notebook that hopefully will make it easier to keep things a bit more organised.

It might have been Spring or the fact Summer holidays are near but I felt like a fresh start at my studio, and nothing works better then taking everything out and redecorate! I saw this small table at Sissy Boy homeland some time ago and I thought it would be a great side table for books and plants.

It took me ages to buy it though -good thing it was on Sale when I finally went to pick it up-.
Thing is… I love the the ‘real thing’ and this table is a new made industrial one. Ones home instead of functioning as the side table I had in mind, it ended up at my studio and I think it looks really nice. The Emeco chair I got from Harvest and Company and it certainly contributes to the new and clean look. I also kept the shelves pretty empty which make stand out the old camera’s and tools from my father even better. 

The KOTO diffuser from our candle line with Skandinavisk brings in a fresh fragrance of delicate notes of amber, exotic jasmine, mandarin and vanilla. 

Before and After
It seems my studio changed into a more minimalistic look over the years, or maybe I am just really good in getting rid of all things I do not need and only keep what I love most!

If you wonder….here is how my studio looked before 
Two tables and a room – February 2010
Two tables and a room part two – February 2010

What’s that in your studio – January 2011
My new studio in Black & white – july 2011

New pictures from my studio – may 2012
Something black & Industrial – August 2013

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