Norm Architects X Reform | New Affordable design kitchens

Danish Norm Architects have teamed up with Reform, a new Danish furniture company to design a kitchen that is raw, natural and with unique materials that will patinate beautifully. Partly build out of Ikea kitchen components this will give everyone the opportunity to buy a high-end design at a reasonable price. To construct the kitchen, […]

Apparatu | Ceramic workshop

Earlier today, and in my first blogpost about Spanish design, I shared some pictures of the atelier of Xavier Mañosa and his family. I really loved this industrial building, the raw environment, the concrete and the different ceramic and made lots of pictures. I could share a few, but decided to just share them all.  Apparatu is a design studio, pottery workshop and […]

Reflections on light X Marset | Spanish design

On our first day in Spain we visited Apparatu… In a huge industrial building we were welcomed by Xavier Mañosa, in the atelier he works, together with his family, on several collections for different Spanish design companies and his own collection. He explained us the ceramic process of several lamps and I was especially interested in the process […]