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On our first day in Spain we visited Apparatu… In a huge industrial building we were welcomed by Xavier Mañosa, in the atelier he works, together with his family, on several collections for different Spanish design companies and his own collection.

He explained us the ceramic process of several lamps and I was especially interested in the process of Pleat Box and Scotch Club, ceramic lamps by Mashallah and Xavier Mañosa for Marset, the company we would visit later that day. I made several pictures of the making of in the factory and in the last picture Susanna photographed the lamps in the Marset showroom.

After visiting Apparatu we went to the showroom of Marset, where we had our first paella of many more to come during a delicious lunch in the garden surrounded by several lamps of the Marset collection. Before leaving for Spain I had a week of holidays and lots of time to read about the companies we would visit and look at the product pictures but you can only really get to know a company if you meet the people behind.

Everyone at Marset was really kind and we felt very welcome, the food was amazing, the wine was good and I really enjoyed my first cortado watching the brands view on light through their new videowebsite Reflections on light , a series of conversations with architects, designers and artists who work with and think about light every day. 

Scotch Club 
Scotch Club takes its inspiration from the revolving disco ball and is available in white, blue, terracotta, or black ceramic, with brilliant white or gold enamel interiors, and in three sizes and different models.

Follow Me  
This cute little lamp is portable and rechargeable and you might have spotted it on my bedside table on Instagram where it is patiently waiting to illuminate my new patio table! ‘Follow me’ by Inma Bermúdez,  is the ideal both indoors and outdoors lamp. Compact and small, it almost looks like a personal accessory and what I really love about it is the LED technology and the dimmer.

Pictures 1-4 | 6-7 vosgesparis | all other by Susanna Vento

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