Danish design | K.N.S.studio Copenhagen

Being home again I continue working on my studio and patio plans… Seeing it was raining everyday since I came home I worked indoors on blogposts of Sunny design days, read magazines and did some major cleaning… I feel like repainting some walls that are not as white anymore and maybe declutter even more.

Homes and how someone lives in them are really personal, and I think it is important to surround us only with things we really love, declutter as much as possible and find good storage solutions for the things we love to have in sight. Over the years I learned that for me it works better to have one beautiful designed chair then two that are perhaps more affordable or fake. I love clean design with beautiful simple lines as much as I love brut metal and concrete, it is the combination of the two that define my personal style. 

The perspex magazine holder by Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave is one of those design objects that perfectly fit my taste, it is functional and I love the transparency of the clear acrylic. On his website Kristian says “With an almost anti-design, the series is a perfect display unit that blends in and does not take focus away from what you want to display”, and that’s exactly why I love this. 

The KL holders are for sale at the KN shop and in the Netherlands available at It’s loftWhile you are at the webshop have a look at the clothing rack as well, I think it is really beautiful. Kristian is also looking for distributers in the Netherlands so get in touch if you have a store and love his work.
pictures ©vosgesparis | product pictures via KNS