Bloggers banquet | an evening with LZF

Last week I showed you the wonderful day we had at Gandia Blasco, truly one of the highlights of the tour for me, but then… my whole stay in Spain was wonderful, both with our bloggers team but also when I was on my own… Sitting in the garden of the Praktik Vinoteca, writing blogposts and doing some work, I thought this could last forever or at least the whole Summer. 

How great would it be to spent a Summer living in hotels or apartments, writing about your experience, the Spanish life and the great design Spain had to offer. It’s h
ard to get over the courtyard of Gandia Blasco, it makes me wanna explore more of Spain, and being an Island lover I think it would be time to finally set foot on Ibiza… the white island that my sister loved so much… but that’s for later. First back to another highlight of the tour and the little village of Chiva just outside Valencia.

It is here where we entered a Summer-night wonderland, created by LZF lamps and MasquespacioAs soon as we walked down the stairs into the garden my heart made a little jump and I felt like entering a fairytale… the garden was illuminated with ‘escape’ lamps hanging from the trees, different pallets with smaller lamps and a bar beautiful illuminated with lamps in different sizes and all the drinks you could wish for on a warm Summer night.

Throughout the garden there were several corners with outdoor furniture by Expormimtables with Spanish tapas, and three different types of paella were cooked on the open fire for the ‘Bloggers banquet’ by Bairetas chefs. The table setting  was amazing with greens and flowers, candles and small figures from the ‘Funny farm’ We spent the whole evening eating, drinking, talking and wandering around, a night to never forget! Pictures of the factory tour we had can be found here!

pictures courtesy of LZF Lamps

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