Life in and around the kitchen | IKEA 2016 catalogue launch

This week I was invited to the IKEA catalogue 2016 launch, and I think the Dutch IKEA team has really outdone their self this year! Towards the event I received several small updates by WhatsApp with foto’s and video’s made by the team, slowly revealing this years location Paviljoen Puur build on the unique location of the defence line of Amsterdam

On arrival a huge tent with black & white artwork immediately caught my eye, the work of Swedish fashion designer Martin Bergström who joined this years launch for an exclusive workshop with paper and Ink. 

Svärtan collection & workshop
Some time ago I showed some pictures of the Svärtan collection Martin designed in collaboration with IKEA here on the blog, and it was great to see a sneak peek of the collection coming to life on the green hills and in the dark bunkers. The whole Svärtan collection will be available from June 2016, but the first items are already hitting stores worldwide.

I really loved the dark and moody atmosphere in the bunker where the collection was presented and the blue skies outside with the fabric, like laundry slowly moving in the wind, watch the small video I made below.

The collection is designed in India where students from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) in New Delhi followed a workshop to develop the collection. They found inspiration in interesting patterns found on distressed walls and in the dangling cables hanging over the streets. They then made abstract imprints and drawings using all kinds of techniques; from ink blots and threads to burning holes in white paper and I really enjoyed trying the same. 
Skogsta collection
In the tent the new Skogsta collection was presented, which I showed on the blog this week, I really liked to see the table in real life and even wonder how it would look in my kitchen! What do you think? 

New IKEA food additions
After a short introduction and a wonderful lunch by chef Robert Kranenborg, think salmon with mustard ice cream! we were invited to look around and discover the different collections. I had a taste of the different cheeses, and the newest IKEA food additions: frozen yoghurt, vegetarian balls and fruity water, that will replace all soda’s at the IKEA restaurant from September.

Hemsmak is a limited edition of jars, tins, buckets and bottles. Last March in Iceland I visited Designers Hildur Sigurdardottir and Olof Birna Gardarsdottir from Reykjavík Letterpress in their atelier, for IKEA they designed several tags and labels to organise your jars or make them into a present.

Sinnerlig & Sittning collection
The Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford was previously presented in Milan, and I wrote this blogpost about it… today we could try out the furniture and I fall in love with the glass bottles, and the jars filled with bamboo branches. Also I think I should get me some of those black pots for my plants.

Most collections from this blogpost will be in stores this month. Next month the Sittning collection, based on over 40 pieces of dinnerware, glasses, cutlery, vases, candle holders and tablecloths made from natural materials such as cotton, mouth-blown glass and solid wood 

Pictures & video by Vosgesparis | workshop picture by IKEA