GIVEAWAY | A Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ for Summer fun!

Just before leaving for Spain I received an email from Tivoli if I wanted to try the new Tivoli Audio MSY3+ or maybe even take it with me on vacation. I have to admit I have always been a fan of the beautiful design of the Tivoli radio and music systems, I have spot them in magazines and on many blogs for years and always thought they were so stylish but never really had the opportunity to actually experience the sound.

Being ask not to bring to much luggage as we were travelling a lot with our team of bloggers we decided I should try it out later this summer. When having family over for a visit, we decided to hire one of those little boats to sail through the canals, and I thought this was a great opportunity to try out the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ on the go.

The Tivoli Audio MSY3+ is portable stereo music systeem that streams your own music via Bluetooth, has a digital and analogue radio and a built-in lithium rechargeable batterie that lasts at least for 20 hours, perfect for our day trip! At the end of the post you get the opportunity to win your own Tivoli three+ and experience the system yourself.

Setting up the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ 

On the evening before our boat trip it was time to unpack and read the manual! I am a bit lazy in reading manuals and really go into the technical part of devices to be honest, so I was happy to start with downloading the free remote app via the iTunes (or Google-play) store.

After installing on my Iphone and wirelessly connecting via Bluetooth I could not only listen to the radio, the Tivoli automatically started scanning digital channels by the first setup, but was playing my favourite music in no time, Tivoli Audio MSY3+ can also be connected to your laptop or spotify. The next morning I first went to the IKEA catalogue launch and carried the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ with me in my bag, it weights only 1,83 kilo

We met up in the afternoon at the quay behind my grocery store, the great advantage of living in the formal harbour and I joined my family on the boat! We had an amazing afternoon sailing through the canals and the good thing was everyone on board could connect and share their favourite songs. 

Tivoli radio
I grew up with music and unless someone was spinning to their records, my parents always had the radio on. Being the youngest of five I grew up with all kind of music from the Beatles and Stones to Pink Floyd and later on listening to my own favourites like David Bowie and Lou Reed and many more. 

I didn’t had a radio for years and I am so happy to have rediscovered listening to the radio through the 
Tivoli Audio MSY3+. It kept me company while working on my patio and I am listening to it this very moment in my kitchen. Next to the remote app I also downloaded the free Tivoli Radio App which provides direct access to the top 100 internet radio stations.   

Giveaway – Win a Tivoli Audio MSY3+ 
Are you in love with music and would you love to experience the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ for yourself this summer and take it with you outside, or maybe give it a beautiful spot at home! I teamed up with Tivoli Audio and we are giving away a Tivoli Audio MSY3+ including a beautiful wooden cabinet to one of my readers worldwide!

To enter this giveaway we love you to surf to the Tivoli Audio website and have a look at the different options, there are 3 different colours to choose from, white, black and copper and 4 different wooden cabinets to give your Tivoli an even more sophisticated look, choose from Cherry, Walnut, Black Ash or Piano White

Leave a comment in this blogpost and let us know which colour and which cover you would like to receive. Be sure to leave your contact details so we can contact you by email if you are the lucky winner of the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ in your favourite colour. By leaving your email you agree to be added to the Tivoli mailinglist to receive special deals a few times a year. 

To give everyone a chance to enter the competition it will be open for the whole month of August and I will be announcing the winner in our Friday roundup on September 4!

Happy Summer and good luck!

This giveaway is closed – Congratulations to Annelies!  

pictures ©vosgesparis & Steve with thanks| last picture via tivoli