August 17, 2015

GIVEAWAY | A Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ for Summer fun!

Just before leaving for Spain I received an email from Tivoli if I wanted to try the new Tivoli Audio MSY3+ or maybe even take it with me on vacation. I have to admit I have always been a fan of the beautiful design of the Tivoli radio and music systems, I have spot them in magazines and on many blogs for years and always thought they were so stylish but never really had the opportunity to actually experience the sound.

Being ask not to bring to much luggage as we were travelling a lot with our team of bloggers we decided I should try it out later this summer. When having family over for a visit, we decided to hire one of those little boats to sail through the canals, and I thought this was a great opportunity to try out the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ on the go.

Tivoli Audio MSY3+ is portable stereo music systeem that streams your own music via Bluetooth, has a digital and analogue radio and a built-in lithium rechargeable batterie that lasts at least for 20 hours, perfect for our day trip! At the end of the post you get the opportunity to win your own Tivoli three+ and experience the system yourself.

Setting up the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ 
On the evening before our boat trip it was time to unpack and read the manual! I am a bit lazy in reading manuals and really go into the technical part of devices to be honest, so I was happy to start with downloading the free remote app via the iTunes (or Google-play) store.

After installing on my Iphone and wirelessly connecting via Bluetooth I could not only listen to the radio, the Tivoli automatically started scanning digital channels by the first setup, but was playing my favourite music in no time, 
Tivoli Audio MSY3+ can also be connected to your laptop or spotify. The next morning I first went to the IKEA catalogue launch and carried the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ with me in my bag, it weights only 1,83 kilo

We met up in the afternoon at the quay behind my grocery store, the great advantage of living in the formal harbour and I joined my family on the boat! We had an amazing afternoon sailing through the canals and the good thing was everyone on board could connect and share their favourite songs. 

Tivoli radio
I grew up with music and unless someone was spinning to their records, my parents always had the radio on. Being the youngest of five I grew up with all kind of music from the Beatles and Stones to Pink Floyd and later on listening to my own favourites like David Bowie and Lou Reed and many more. 

I didn't had a radio for years and I am so happy to have rediscovered listening to the radio through the 
Tivoli Audio MSY3+. It kept me company while working on my patio and I am listening to it this very moment in my kitchen. Next to the remote app I also downloaded the free Tivoli Radio App which provides direct access to the top 100 internet radio stations.   

Giveaway - Win a Tivoli Audio MSY3+ 
Are you in love with music and would you love to experience the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ for yourself this summer and take it with you outside, or maybe give it a beautiful spot at home! I teamed up with Tivoli Audio and we are giving away a Tivoli Audio MSY3+ including a beautiful wooden cabinet to one of my readers worldwide!

To enter this giveaway we love you to surf to the Tivoli Audio website and have a look at the different options, there are 3 different colours to choose from, white, black and copper and 4 different wooden cabinets to give your Tivoli an even more sophisticated look, choose from Cherry, Walnut, Black Ash or Piano White

Leave a comment in this blogpost and let us know which colour and which cover you would like to receive. Be sure to leave your contact details so we can contact you by email if you are the lucky winner of the Tivoli Audio MSY3+ in your favourite colour. By leaving your email you agree to be added to the Tivoli mailinglist to receive special deals a few times a year. 

To give everyone a chance to enter the competition it will be open for the whole month of August and I will be announcing the winner in our Friday roundup on September 4!

Happy Summer and good luck!

This giveaway is closed - Congratulations to Annelies!  

pictures ©vosgesparis & Steve with thanks| last picture via tivoli


Marjon H said...

A Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ also for Studio fun!!! :) I love the black/black one...

Nannette said...

Love it!
I'd go for the cherry black edition.

Nirppa said...

I would love my Tivoli all white.

Talo Luck said...

Oh, I do not want any Tivoli products. I need them. :D Would love to win the piano white/white. Thanks for the giveaway! BW, Heidi (

Claire G said...

I have the perfect 1960's room divider that the Black with walnut cabinet would suit perfectly!

Sam said...

I love this give away, your blog reminded me of how I miss listening to music in our garden or while cooking and through a device that sounds good (opposed to only a phone or laptop). And it looks so stylish, hvery pretty! Hope to win the all white one, white radio and piano white case/cabinet. Fingers crossed :-)

Irena said...

A great giveaway! I hope I will win it!
I would like to have A Tivoli Audio Music System Three+
with wooden cabinet in Cherry/Black.

My email address is:
ir_angelova at yahoo dot com

Thank you!

Millie Simon said...

This is such a beautiful post! Happy to see that you were reunited with the radio and the sound system was able to help you during time with your family and in your house. It's actually a lot smaller than I though, and the design is absolutely beautiful.

If I had the chance of winning a Tivoli system, I was thinking that the white system with the cherry cabinet would look beautiful :) xx


Louise - 30s Magazine said...
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ragazzafaidate said...

Oh, great! I'd like to win the white Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ with walnut cover!

Louise - 30s Magazine said...

I like the all white one. Nice give away!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

As I´ve just painted our house white, I think the best choice of the Tivoli System would be WHITE - both parts.

Thank you very much a have lots of fun! :-)


Fokke said...

I would love to win the Cherry/Black version.

f.g.hofman at

Joost Groen said...

You can take the music out of Tivoli, but you can't take the music out of our hearts!
I would love the Walnut/Black one.

Lucia Albertine said...

Hello, wow....this giweaway is so perfect a I would like to win white Tivoli system,

De Zuster Van said...

The Cherry/White Tivoli combination is just loverly!

Michael said...

That's a perfect audio thing! And portable, with builtin battery, great for picnics or parties on the roof! I like it..and mostly the Black Ash cover with white System Three+! Looking really cool.
Thank you for this perfect giveaway.

I wish you nice week,

Made by Boy said...

Cherry/Black is my favourite combination! Really nice and stylish! :)


louly said...

I've wanted a Tivoli for a long time! I would like cherry/black or ash black/black. I'll have to decide in a couple weeks ;)

Vos said...

"PLAY"time! I love the Black/Black one!

Groet Rutger

Marjon said...

Crossing time lines with Tivoli!


Audrey said...

I love the cherry/white one! what a great giveaway!

Lisanne van de Klift said...

Wat een fantastische giveaway! Hier doe ik heel graag aan mee. De radio op mijn werkkamer is kapot gegaan. Nu moet ik de radio beneden heel hard aanzetten of via mijn mobiel afspelen, die regelmatig stopt/wegvalt. En dat terwijl ik eigenlijk altijd muziek luister! Bij het opstaan, tijdens huishoudelijke klusjes en als ik lekker aant prutsen ben. Kortom: ik waag graag een kansje ;-) De cherry/white is mijn favo. Fingers crossed! Groetjes Lisanne

Péťa K. said...

Ohh, this is so super stylish competition and the conditions are so simple! I am lover of all white combination and therefore i would choose naturally the color piano white/white :-)

Julia said...

I would love the white/white one!
Jfrederking at gmail dot com

Vivian said...

Thank you for the opportunity to benefit from your give away! All the colour options look great but my favourite is Black Ash/Black.

Have a great day!

Pamela Atanasova said...

Lovely post.
I would love to win the black Tivoli.

moonsinleo said...

I'd love to win the black ash/black combo.

Thanks so much!

Louize Hill said...

I have been looking for an audio system for my newly renovated kitchen, the cherry/white would be perfect! Thank you.

ChELseA LaNE said...

What a greatful giveaway. I love these classic radio. And I love it in black/black. So stylish. Wow ...!
Have a nice week

Tuia said...

I love Tivoli radios, but sadly do not own one myself - yet. So fingers crossed that I will be lucky! I would choose black/walnut combination, I think it looks so stylish.

Rachel Kauffman said...

They are all so nice, but white and cherry, please!!!

Dawn Lynn said...
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Dawn Lynn said...

This radio has been on my list since I saw it a few weeks ago. I would love to win the Limited Edition Copper Music System Three - portable Hi-Fi system. I want this!!

Anonymous said...

Marcela said...The BLACK ASH / BLACK combo would look amazing in my first official studio space.

Anonymous said...

A white/white Tivoli would make my day!
Thanks to You and Tivoli for the opportunity...

Anonymous said...

Lovvveeeee the black/ black ash!!!!!
Thanks for the review, very nice :)

Nikki B said...

Aaaahh, so pretty! :)

If I do get picked, I hope I win the Tivoli in black ash/white. It just looks so sleek and sexy!


Sretno Vrijeme said...

Ohlalaaaa! What a surprise, what a wonderful giveaway!
This Tivoli radio will make my century-old wooden house to sing along with it if I am lucky enough to win this Tivoli Audio Music System in walnut/black color!
Love Your blog! All the best from Croatia! Vesna

aimee said...

The cherry and black version would be fantastic! Thanks for this great giveaway!

Alexandra said...

Wow, this is such an attractive radio! Nice work, Tivoli! :)
I love the cherry & white version, that could go ANYWHERE in my flat. Probably it would outshine some of my furniture, it's that good and classy looking.

Have a nice summer, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win a tivoli piece!
The white in a white cabinet looks great.

Anonymous said...

I would love (and need:) a TIVOLI in all white!
Perhaps lucky this time... !!

Brigitte Weber said...

I do hope I win the white/piano white one. My old Sony just broke and I can't really live without listening to SWR 1(Germany)

Anonymous said...

I would so much to like to have a Tivoli Radio in my kichen to cheer me up when cooking dinner. So lovely! I would like to win black ash/black one.

kotilanne (at)

Lisa Richardson said...

Seems lovely, light and versatile. Would love the copper version!

Anonymous said...

The Piano white/white combo! We, too, always have the radio on in our kitchen. slyturner (at)

Nicole Rêveenblanc said...

I would to win a Tivoli audio music system, in White, with paino white cover! My email is
Gr. Nicole

Anonymous said...


R Aptor said...

What a great give-away. I'd pick any one of the options, maybe the ash if I had to choose.
I've owned three Tivoli products and have recommended them many times. As far as I'm concerned they're the best on the market.

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

I would LOVE to have one of these! It sounds so cool! I would like Walnut/Black for the colors.
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

Francoise said...

I would love the all black version! It would nicely pop-out in my white kitchen!
Greetings from Belgium!

Michelle said...

Verry verry veerrrryyyy nice! I love the black ash version.

Anders Klintborg said...

A great product with both fine design en even better sound! I'd like the white/white version it would be perfect in my Scandinavian home! Tivoli makes me think of crisp long summer evenings in Copenhagen, endless nights!

Cussot said...

I'm a dedicated radio listener and would love to have a black ash and white Tivoli come and live in my Canadian kitchen.

asteride said...

Beautiful giveaway! And thank you for showing us this beautiful radio! I love the Black Ash/Black. Totally Black.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is dragging me into this! But I love the all white radio. Piano white/white. Not sure if I know how to use it...


ev said...

I would love to win all white Tivoli!

Christopher Mues said...

Looks beautiful :-). I would like the cherry / white version.

Homemadepicturemania Sao Nonac said...

Great will be the cherry black edition because I am very ill and want to listen every day long to music.
Thanks a lot for this great giveaway.


Anonymous said...

I would really love one in walnut/black! It's just beautiful!

Dhyani huerta alfaro said...

the music system: copper
the cabinet: black

thanks!:)💕 my email is:

Iris | C-More said...

I know the Tivoli music system and I know it's one of the best!! so... I love top join this contest :-) The plain black one is my favorite. Fingers Crossed!
XO Iris | C-More

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway!
I would love one in all white!
Thanks and regards!

elle hawker said...

I'd love one! in black ash/black, please.

jessica w said...

I would love the cherry/black combo

Izzy Ehrmentraut said...

This is a wonderful and gorgeous giveaway, thanks so much!
Should I win, I'm totally in love with the walnut and white combination :-)


Twan said...

I'd love to surprise my wife Shirley with a Cherry - Black version. 

___| |__ ___ _ __ _ __ _ _
/ __| '_ \ / _ \ '__| '__| | | |
| (__| | | | __/ | | | | |_| |
\___|_| |_|\___|_| |_| \__, |

ヽ、 /ノ
     | \
   |  ,ゝ⌒ヽ
  |:::::|、::: ノ

_ _ _
| |__ | | __ _ ___| | __
| '_ \| |/ _` |/ __| |/ /
| |_) | | (_| | (__| <


Connie Brean said...

If it's only half as good as my current but Ole Tivoli Model Two that I have in My kitchen, id really love the new model in black for my bedroom.

John Dorado said...

I'd love to win the black/black version! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Anonymous said...

Love this radio. Love your blog. Love this giveaway. White/white for me. I love everything white and blue.