Spanish design | Expormim rattan furniture

The good thing about our Spanish blogtour, not to mention it was one big great Sunny adventure! was that we did not only got to see showrooms of the brands that wanted to meet up with us, but many also gave us a look behind the scenes in their factories. By seeing the process before a piece of furniture is ready for sale in the stores, and meeting the people on the work floor who are happy to share their knowledge with you on how a piece is produced, makes it I will remember and recognize them when I see their products in the future.

Same for the furniture of Spanish brand Expormim that we visited in Mogente, Valencia. Expormim specializes in indoor and outdoor furniture and it was amazing to see how out of natural materials like rattan in combination with craftsmanship beautiful and elegant wicker furniture pieces were produced in the huge factory. I loved this place, being surrounded by the beautiful material, the steam and technics that are used to shape the forms of the chairs, a really dynamic environment.

Expormim Showroom
‘La Venta’, the eighteen century building and cultural heritage of Mogente, used to be an inn for those travelling with horse carriages and postoffice. Nowadays the Expormim showroom is located in the building around the large, and really hot, yard with beautiful palm trees.

Walking around in the showroom is like stepping into the history of this 55 year old brand. From the very first rattan models to the new timeless contemporary modular collection Plump, or the ‘Tina’ armchair and sofa, pictured below, made out of a structure of lacquered steel tube and hand weaved wicker, one of the latest additions to the collection.

The nautica swing chair by Alberto Sánchez of Mut Design is a another great example of craftsmanship and has been awarded with the Red Dot 2014 for best product design. I photographed the chair, together with the pictures below during our visit at the factory.

pictures by Vosgesparis | last picture by Susanna Vento

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