TRAVEL | Meet Cosentino at Madrid restaurants DiverXO & Tatel

Two years ago I had an interview with Spain based fashion blogger Macarena Gea, one of Spain’s most influential bloggers on fashion and architecture, at that time she was the face of the Silestone by Cosentino campagne, a brand I met in New York by then. Last month we met up again, and this time in the city of Madrid where we spent the last day of our Sunny Design week.

We had an appointment at Madrid’s only 3 Michelin star restaurant DiverXO, the restaurant of chef David Muñoz, that’s the chef himself in the first picture! The overall white restaurant looks like a fantasy tale, a place of creativity, a space where different motionless creatures such as flying pigs, silver ants and colourful butterflies accompanied us from the moment we arrived, the dreamworld of David Muñoz.

Together with one of the staff members Cosentino guided us through the restaurant and lively kitchen where everyone was already busy preparing. Throughout the kitchen Dekton is used on the floor, walls and worktops, and the restaurant countertop, while Silestone’s quartz surface, thanks to the purity offered by the colour Blanco Zeus, gives each and every table in the dining area character, providing the feeling of infinity that Muñoz was after. 

I can only imagine how dining in this white wonder world could be, in case you find the opportunity to have diner at DiverXO, don’t forget to check out the toilets where you will find yourself surrounded by mirrors and hundreds of butterflies, pink toilets and white Macael Marble, have a look at the video to really get an idea of the white dreamworld we visited.

After our morning at 
DiverXO, Cosentino kindly invited us for a lunch at Tatel. Restaurant Tatel opened it’s doors only four months ago and is the result of a collaboration of a dream team of Spanish celebreties, including Enrique Iglesias and tennis talent Rafael Nadal, and quickly became the new place to be. The restaurant specialises in Spanish dishes, the chefs believe in simplicity, resulting in revitalized everyday dishes, accompanied by a great selection of wines. 

After a small tour through the serre with lots of daylight, a large marble table and blue wire chairs, we walked through the restaurant itself where soft lights, a shiny bar, and corners with beautiful decked tables, comfortable chairs and walls covered with books and art create a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant offers a view of the kitchen with it’s marble surfaces and we were welcomed at one of the large tables to have a taste of the many different dishes together with cosentino and our friends of Felices.

Cosentino, is the the world’s leading producer of Silestone quartz surfaces, focusesing on the design, production and distribution of architectural and decorative solutions made from natural stone. 
In 2014 Cosentino Group launched Dekton; a material with huge potential for the architecture and design field. more info can be found on the website

pictures © by vosgesparis | Susanna Vento and Cosentino

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