TRAVEL | Praktik Vinoteca hotel Barcelona

While visiting Barcelona I stayed a few nights in the beautiful Praktik Garden hotel, you might remember that amazing balconies view from the garden! Praktik hotels is a chain of beautiful design hotels all located in the city centre of Barcelona and Madrid, and on my last 2 days in Barcelona I stayed at the Praktik Vinoteca.

Checking out from the Praktik garden in the morning, it was only a 15 minutes walk to Praktik Vinoteca. If possible I always prefer to walk instead of taking the Metro, I love to get a taste from the neighbourhood away from the main streets, and old cities can have a Metro station with only stairs which can be pretty hard with a heavy suitcase. When arriving at Praktik Garden with a heavy suitcase I would advise to use the Girona station on the yellow line.

Walking to Praktik Vinoteca I passed a couple of halls with beautiful plants, and I still kind of regret I had no time to really check out some of the food halls and bring home some Spanish delicatessen.

Praktik Vinoteca is the place to be for wine lovers and is totally dedicated to the world of wine. In the reception area with over 900 bottles on show I got offered a glass of wine on arrival, a bit to early for me at 10 in the morning, but this is the way you will be welcomed at the hotel, and a great way to start you stay in the heart of the lovely Eixample area.

A new hotel a new room, and I stayed in a room on one of the upper floors with a private balcony and a great view on the Calle balmes. A comfortable room with again a king-sized double bed, a large bathroom with rain-effect shower and a separate toilet with sink. I especially liked the wooden bedhead in combination with the crispy white walls.

I so love to stay in a carefully designed hotel and this one is pretty newly designed in 2014, the hotel design and interior decor is the work of Lázaro Rosa-Violán, a prestigious, highly recognized interior designer, who designed some of the most fashionable restaurants, stores, and hotels in the world.  

After a good night of sleep I was ready for a new day in Barcelona, but first had some work to do and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day then in the cozy courtyard connected to the public area where breakfast was served. 

I enjoyed the fresh fruit, yoghurt and coffee on the terrace while writing some blogposts and listening to guitar music in the distance and some children singing beautiful summer songs! A magical moment to be honest to listen to the pretty voices, having breakfast and doing some work in this beautiful courtyard.

On the last night before heading in town for dinner I met the hotel’s sommelier for a small wine tasting, and you can order your favourite bottles which the hotel will have shipped back home for you, she is there a few evenings a week for the hotel guests, you can also request a private wine-tasting session. 

The hotel is just a 6-minute walk from the Paseo de Gracia metro station the beach at Barceloneta is 3 stops away on the metro. And at the same paseo de Gracia there is a small train station where you can take a train that takes you out of Barcelona to one of the nearby beaches. I went to S
itges for a day, a small town I really enjoyed, see some pictures in this former post ‘Instagrams from Sitges‘ Thank you so much Praktik hotels for having me, I hope to be back soon! 

Praktik Vinoteca hotel is located at Calle balmes 51, Barcelona , more info can be found at the hotel’s website: Praktik Gardenwhere you will also find the links to the other Praktik hotels in Barcelona and Madrid.

Pictures ©Vosgesparis