Archiblocks | Minimalist construction set

Not many of you might know that a few hours a week I work as a social worker, it is something I am doing since my own children were little, and although writing my blogs and travelling around is where my heart is, this part time job is something I still really love to do as well. Three mornings a week I organize meetups for parents with kids under the age of three, children can learn to play with each other and parents can meet other parents. It’s the kind of work that puts everything in perspective and keep me with both feet on the ground. 

When moving to a new building some time ago, I was happy to to bring in some of my own ideas… and some black! I think I would become really unhappy if I had to work in a place that is ugly or not taken care of decor-wise. A bit like the ugly wallpapered hotel room instead of a fresh black and white room like this.

Nothing better then working in an environment you love right, so I toke the opportunity to make a huge chalkboard wall with black IKEA ledges for all the colourful books and added some black carpet to play on. It also made me look twice at these Archiblocks houses, a 
minimalist construction set of building blocks designed by Laurence Calafat for Cinqpoints, a French maker of architectural stationery and toys.