EVENTS | Twenty designers collaborating for Salon Residence

For four days only the Singer museum in Laren, the Netherlands will be the home of ‘Salon Residence’, I was at the opening this week where chief editor Miluska van t Lam gave us a personal tour through the 20 different spaces designed by well known interior designers like Jan & Monique des Bouvrie, Studio Piet Boon, Marcel Wolterinck, Thijs Murré en Framework who each designed a room.
Together they created a dream home, where everything is for sale, for all info and tickets please have a look at the Residence website 

You can walk through the different rooms and spaces in the home of the Singer family that are completely transformed by both Residence magazine and the designers in order to create something different, a 3d experience of the magazine. According to Miluska interior designers in general are underrated and by organizing this salon, Residence magazine will show their importance in the experience of interior design. 

Although I am not a huge fan of bold colours I did liked many of the different rooms and could appreciate the sometimes over the top decor, in fact I like a bit of drama and imagination when it comes to interior design, I just think different on what I find really stylish for myself.

This Salon was all about different materials, fabrics, wallpaper, art and paint, and a bit to many taxidermy for my taste. But also about many beautiful flowers, great black and white photography I wanted to take home, the best fragrances like some carefully hidden Mad et Len candles I spotted in the beautiful dark bed-and Winter room by Brecht and Thijs Murre pictured above.

Studio Piet Boon
When looking at my pictures this morning I discovered a really nice coincidence, as you might know I love the work of Studio Piet Boon and of course I made a view snapshots of the ‘Lounge’ Karin Meyn designed for this special occasion at Salon Residence.

This powder pink room with different mirrors and art panels by John Biesheuvel, shows a collection of Studio Piet Boon furniture. Nice and soft fabrics, velvet chairs, carpets and lounge, and some cool metal tables, I think they rock in combination with al the soft materials. A light and quite minimalistic space between the many other rooms at Salon Residence.

In the middle of the room two metal Finn cabinets filled with ceramic by Dietlind Wolf, that if you read my blog have seen covered several times | Ceramics by Dietlind Wolf | I noticed here work but what I didn’t noticed immediately while wandering through the room was the vase by my dear friend Stefano on top of the Finn Cabinet.

Of course I had to ask Karin about it, and discovered it is part of her personal collection and she loves his work. Stefano is an Italian designer and we always meet up in Milan and Paris, that’s him on the picture below, more about his work can be found here in a former post from some years ago.

Some more impressions….

pictures ©vosgesparis