Heal’s London | A big thank you!

This year has been a lot about travelling and discovering design around Europe with trips to Iceland, Paris and Milan, a Spanish design tour *wish I could travel back in time* and of course one of the blogtours earlier this year with our team that brought me back to London after many years.

I am so grateful I can travel because of my work on the blog, and get invited to beautiful events and designtours around Europe. I really love you for reading and visiting my blog and even leaving a comment now and then, because without you it would never have happened! Sending you a big hug… THANK YOU so much!

I still have a few pictures left from our visit to London, I had to think about them because I was looking for the warm scarf I made together with ‘Wool and the gang‘ during a workshop when at{mine} introduced them to us while visiting interior London based Heals.

Heal’s first store opened way back in 1810! Skip forward over 200 years, and the small mattress manufacturer tucked away on a London side street has grown to become a leader in the world of designer furniture, lighting and home wares with specialist stores based nationwide. 

A brand new and ‘fully responsive’ website is recently launched. Ordering at the Heals online store gives you the possibility to collect the item in the store the next day. I personally use this kind of services a lot at my local department stores as well, I think it is always better to order fore hand then finding an item sold out… my own store also sells the best birthday cakes ever!

And once you got your item picked up you can show it at the #HEALSHOME gallery to inspire others. If you need some inspiration or want some more information before buying there are several buying guides, helpful resources for mattresses and anything else for your home.

London blog tour is sponsored by: at{mine}B&O PlayBuster + PunchFolkloreNest.co.uk and Tiipoi
© Vosgesparis | Photograpy by Desiree