Chic Boutiquers at Home | A new book by Ellie Tenant

Did you ever noticed the ‘Media‘ section on my blog, it is a summery of some publications and some books my blog or home was featured in over the last years. It is a great way for me to remember all these beautiful mentions and to show some of the things I worked on with magazines, photography and styling projects and the book we made.

Today I would love to give you a sneak peek into the second book: 
Chic Boutiquers at Home‘ by Ellie Tenant that was released this week. Last year Ellie visited me in Amsterdam to make pictures of my home that was in her first book, a real bestseller! See the post about that here | Design bloggers at home

In ‘Chic Boutiquers at Home‘ shows the homes of the characters and creative forces behind leading online stores around the world, from the US to Europe, and explores their beautiful homes in a series of inspiring case studies. The result is part-decorating book, part-shopping directory – a smörgasbord of fascinating interiors from a new generation of online style gurus who do much more than just sell home wares – they inspire and delight their customers, too, offering glimpses into their gorgeous homes and covetable lifestyles. 

This second book is packed with plenty of ideas to use in your own home and a wealth of tempting new shops to explore, this is the perfect book for browsing but, if you dream of selling online yourself, the final ‘How to Launch Your Own Online Shop’ chapter is crammed with invaluable practical advice, comparing popular platforms such as Big Cartel and Etsy and containing advice from the online shopkeeper experts as well as plenty of insider top tips. Now we can shop and sell for our homes wherever we want, whenever we want.

Chic Boutiquers at Home by Ellie Tennant | Photography by James Gardiner | published by Ryland Peters & Small