INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY | join us on a journey with Cevelann

This year I was lucky to do some really nice travelling and after my recent trip to Norway and our beautiful day at the Fjord’s, I fell in love with the many trees and their autumn colours, it was a long time ago I was so close with nature and enjoyed it so much. 

I just love to travel and because of that I would like to start this week with the lovely and upcoming brand Cevelann. I recently learned Cevelann refers to the word for ‘Journey’ in Ottoman and we kindly invite you to join us on an brand new Instagram adventure this week.

Let me tell you something more about Cevelann, first of all they love to travel and founder Özlem Sone Rijpkema is passionate about preserving the art of real craftsmanship and loves to bring authentic arsinal products to those who value style and sustainability. 

Being a designer herself, 
Özlem designed some multipurpose cotton throws in Amsterdam, using the finest quality materials that can stand the test of time sourced from the last cotton farmers and weavers in Turkey’s South East Anatolia region. 

Aligned with this goal, and knowing how much we appreciate hand-made products with a contemporary style these days, Cevelann only carry products woven on old style shuttle looms, made from unbleached, extra long-staple cotton. These conscious choices render their products’ softness and luxurious. 

Staying close to the meaning of their company name, all four lines carry names referring to travel and adventure, such as ‘Nomad’ (lightweight and subtle, truly lives up to being a travel accessory) ‘Alara’ (extremely soft and pure) and ‘Voyager’ (ideal as a shawl or home décor accessory) 

‘Premium line’ Provides a multipurpose accessory that adds warmth and softness to your home décor. Featuring beautiful transitional patterns, these premium throws use a specialist weaving technique for a higher thread count and even more luxurious feel…. did you choose your favourite throw yet?

Instagram Giveaway – Win a €65 gift card

What’s your favourite item out of the Cevelann collection and the next throw on your couch or bed, or do you take it with you on that autumn walk to cover up, sit on or use as a shawl? We are curious to see where you would use your throw, and are giving away a €65 voucher to spent at the online Cevellan shop

How to join
1: Follow Cevelann on Instagram
2: Tag a picture of your home or favourite outdoor spot where you would use or bring your new throw using the hashtag #cevelann

Wanna see what others posted on Instagram, follow the hashtag here and we will choose a winner next week!


pitures ©cevelann