January 25, 2016

Industrial minimalism | pictures from my home

From the minute I used this table for my Christmas decorations, I knew I loved to keep it a bit longer in the living. It's a relative simple metal table I bought in the sale some time ago for my home office, proving all things simple and minimalistic always work for me! Actually I wish I had bought two of them, have a look here how cute it looked in my office! 

Although I have no problem with a black table and all black accessories, I went on the search for some older items in my storage and found a french mirror I used to have in my bedroom years ago and an old frame that I turned around because I love the handcrafted back. The typewriter was a present from my niece.

The beautiful photography by Hanna Lemholt is probably the thing that really makes this corner stand out for me, I love it for being so big and it adds a soft touch to the black and white. In my storage I also found some old wooden elements, you might have seen them on Instagram, have a look

Industrial minimalism X Rock 'n Roll 
To be honest I love this first setup and it tells where I want to go interior wise: I will keep the 
Rock 'n Roll vibe with black & white photography, couldn't really get rid of my Lou Reed poster and I love that look Scarlett Johansson is giving me, even more black industrial and large soft additions.

I am still looking for some big! plants, maybe a beautiful rug or brown sheepskin. 
Old elements, ceramics and this photo, which is 1x1 meter and others can be found online at Couleur Locale or in their new store in Knokke.

I don't know if the
 chair will stay, it looks rather yellow with the sun shining through the window and I am more charmed with a darker kind of wood. I think every corner in your home needs a certain time to grow, new furniture will be found or made which might turn everything upside down again and keeps us moving. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas... and please sent me your link to that one perfect rug or piece of furniture, dark and raw with a Rock 'n Roll attitude! 

photography and styling @vosgesparis


Millie Simon said...

I'm actually a huge fan of industrial minimalism, it's beautiful in every way, you have such a lovely homex

Millie x

alevtina said...


you have great monochromatic home! :)
sorry for offtopic
could you please tell me where did you get big baskets from recycled tyre?
they are on the first picture in this post

thank you!
best wishes :)

vosgesparis said...

Hi Alevtina
I bought them many years ago , beat try to search for rubber baskets as they are made from old tires. Good luck and thanks for reading and your kind words.

Johan said...

Ziet er goed uit! Door jouw inrichting en fantastisch mooie muren ga ik soms twijfelen over mijn blauwe muren ;) Waar heb je die boekenstandaard vandaan? Die kandelaar doet het goed hier, evenals de typemachine

vosgesparis said...

Hi Johan
De boekenstandaard is van Mendoninnde berenstraat De winkel staat in mijn AMS NXT mocht je die hebben gedownload
Groetjes :)

Gemma said...

Wow, that candlestick is awesome!!! Where can I get one from?

Maisie Rowley said...

I like the stand of the book. Will perfectly fit the interior in my bedroom.