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Last year I showed you the home of Petra in Bavaria, a beautiful calm home where she lives together with Eddie and their children. It is quite my style, a bit raw and with many black details | An industrial home with authentic details in Kempten Bavaria |  

Together they run Wertvoll Fotografie and I love the personal and artistic approach of Petra, who is the photographer, in each wedding or portrait-shoot. In many of the shoots nature is involved, they give the pictures a real personal and contemporary style and feel. Just imagine yourself, or you and your best friend, in one of those dreamy pictures in the travel and lifestyle magazines we all buy nowadays.

They moved around a couple of times and are happy to call Bavaria their home right now. They love to travel for their work and are looking forward to meet different people in the coming year and clients with a love for traveling and design like themselves who love to be captured by her lens. Contact Petra through her website and start making beautiful memories.

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