A secret white hide away in Greece | Tenka Gammalgaard studio

It’s almost four years ago I showed you the studio and monochrome home of Danish artist and Copenhagen based Tenka Gammalgaard and since then, I have been following here on her blog and her Instagram account. Just like me she loves a good dose of black and white, so if this is what you love as well be sure to follow her on Instagram for lots of black & white pictures to drool over.

Recently she showed some pictures of her working in Greece and I was really curious to see what she was doing… thinking of Greece I can only think of white and blue… so I had to find out more and I am really happy she got her daughter Noa, who has a really cool blog as well to make some pictures exclusively for vosgesparis of her secret Greek studio and hide away. Thank you so much for sharing them with Vosgesparis Tenka and Noa for making them.

Pictures ©Noa Gammelgaard with thanks